Our VISU™ multi-channel device-link profiling engine makes profiles for any process RGB, CMYK, or 8 colour Multi-channel printing. This makes ProofMaster the most flexible, best value proofing software you can find on the market today.

Included with ProofMaster are CMYK profiles for ISO12647, FOGRA, GRACoL, SWOP and Idealliance standards. When you add iterative profile tuning, proof certification functions, and CxF/X-3 spot colour libraries to the mix … you’re onto a winner.

For our packaging customers we offer multi-channel device-link profiling, so proofing Extended Colour Gamut (ECG) printing, or spot colours using the latest CXF/X-4 (ISO17972) data exchange formats is also possible.

It doesn’t matter where you’re working, your print devices might be 10 metres away or 10,000 miles away. ProofMaster’s printer recalibration function lets you close-loop calibrate any two or more devices to a single profile.