Lower Ink Costs

More Control Over The K-channel

In contrast to ICC profiles, device-link profiles convert colour data directly from CMYK-to-CMYK. ICC profiles, on the other hand, move through another colour space first, which gives you less control over the K channel. As a result, other inks get laid down to compensate; outputs lose their neutral tones and can become ever-so-slightly pink, blue or green.

However, with device-link profiles, less ink gets laid down and there’s no risk of colour contamination. Quite simply, you get the colour you want. Plus, our Calibrator turns the whole team into profile-ninjas – so you don’t need to worry about how you’ll make these device-link profiles. We’ve included a simple 3-click wizard that does it all for you

Better Quality With Visual Matching

Device-link profiles don’t compress or expand a printer’s gamut the way the ICC profiles do. Instead, device-link technology translates a profile directly onto the printer’s gamut with a mix of colormetric and perceptual rendering, which combine to be known as visual matching.

This ‘true rendition’ of colour means there’s not as much need for extra coloured ink. Consistent colour is guaranteed. As are your savings, using up to 20% less ink in the process – all of the time. What’s more, with Calibrator running, you can be matching the calibration on different printers in 10 to 20 mins: our Delta-e tolerances are proofing quality from the outset.

This means you can load-balance with ease. You can do repeat jobs too – saving files as a template to use a few weeks or even months later – with 100% confidence in the colour. Just think. Your print quality is the same, if not better. But how much extra profit-margin could you be making with PrintFactory? 

Soft-Proofs You Can Trust

We couldn’t trust our soft-proofs, which was costing us media, ink and money. Then we installed PrintFactory…

“When it came to preparing files, my team were great. They were choosing the right profiles, the jobs were okay on screen, and we all thought the hard proofs were good, but it all fell apart when the job went to press. We couldn’t trust our soft-proofs. We need our software to print exactly what our clients want, every single time. That’s why we chose PrintFactory…”

Printfactory | Wide Format Workflow Software

We’re always chasing colour in this business. Multiple RIPs don’t make life easier. Then there are substrates to think about, plus variations in temperature, humidity, ink, and wear-and-tear…

Even if you could tackle all those problems one by one, ICC colour engines don’t always deliver a ‘closed loop’ of colour outputs on different printers.

Usually, you’ll use canned profiles supplied by the printer’s manufacturer or the media supplier. Or, if you know how, you’ll be making new profiles – taking 45 minutes or more. Either way, more test prints and more retouching means you’re wasting ink and media. Idle machines cost money and it all starts to add up. PrintFactory is the answer.

Soft-Proofs You Can Trust.

Everything looks fine on a monitor. You run the job, and then you check to see if it matches the designer’s artwork – but it doesn’t. Or, worse still, you batch the day’s files; impose them all; print everything and then check them, only to find that several jobs are wrong. That’s expensive.

You’re wasting ink and media. And – by the time your team has caught up, reloaded the printers, made some adjustments or changed the profiles and printed the jobs a second time – you’ve lost money in overtime, too. What’s worse, your customers may be signing off on those hard proofs, so you’re also at risk of damaging your reputation. PrintFactory is the answer.

Let’s Get Technical

The trouble is, changes in temperature, humidity, wear and tear, printer drift, and ink and media variances will all have an effect on finished results. Some of those things will always be beyond your control. But our Editor produces a soft proof that shows exactly what you’ll print.

It pulls the latest calibration data from the printer you’ll be using, and it also gives you the option to make manual adjustments (if you want to). And, the way our Calibrator works, using device-link profiles, the results you’re getting can be frozen into what we call ‘a golden state’.

That means you can be sure of producing the same quality and same colour across multiple printers, every time, even after a significant amount of time has passed.

Perhaps best of all, this is all handled by the software. There’s no need for specialist colour knowledge, so anyone can do it (which helps the whole business to build on your colour expert’s hard work). 

Imagine How Much Money You Will Save In Ink And Media Costs

You don’t need to waste ink, media, or money, printing something that doesn’t reflect the original file, because PrintFactory simulates the press, precisely.

As long as you’re using a calibrated screen, PrintFactory will reproduce the predicted on-screen results, exactly.

You won’t lose any of the colour gamut, and you won’t lose out on the brilliance of your original colour either. Check you’re happy with the colour you’re seeing – and send everything to the RIP.

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