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What We Do

Our customers love the fact that PrintFactory’s workflow software prints better, more vivid, stronger, and more accurate colour – consistently– on different substrates, in different conditions, miles and months apart.

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Lower Ink Costs

PrintFactory is workflow software that reduces your ink bills while at the same time, increases your print quality.

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Smarter Job-Prep

PrintFactory is workflow software that comes with an in-app editor so good, you’ll never need another design license. Plus, no more ‘islands’ in your workflow, slowing your print production down.

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Less Wasted Media

PrintFactory is workflow software that lets you impose, gang and nest for the best layout. But there’s more. Want to make a change? Okay, want to add a late job? No problem.

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Transparent Pricing

PrintFactory makes the Large Format Process as simple and cost effective as possible. Our simple ‘per-printer’ licensing makes it affordable for any customer, and our monthly SaaS plans can be used as part of lease payment, or consumable lead financing.

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