Super Fast Automated Workflow That Increases Colour Consistency


PrintFactory Cloud does the thinking for you. It uses dynamic algorithms, recalculating constantly, controlling all aspects of the printing process including ink, calibration, separations and linearisation – nanoseconds away from the actual RIPping process – and its reporting, on those processes, is second to none.

PrintFactory connects seamlessly to your MIS system and e-commerce platform providing full end-to-end automation. Gathering and interpreting metadata on the fly, PrintFactory uses XML instructions to make the right decisions at speed – at the last minute. You get all the productivity of full automation, and the greater efficiency of zero human intervention. And you can track each print order through every step of the production and picking process. All applications will run smoothly in a mixed operating-system environment because our support for macOS, Windows and Linux means we cover all the bases. 


PrintFactory’s cloud based suite of workflow tools is super-fast and can RIP and print 4 files simultaneously to one printer – ideal when working with the most technologically advanced DTG printers on the market. RIP’s can also be clustered together for even faster processing.

The RIP’ing process can also be lifted to our secure Amazon served Cloud app for easy connection to Web-to-print/eCommerce platforms. Colour calibrations and DTG Separation presets can be made locally and updated to the Cloud configuration. Print job release is triggered via the PrintFactory generated QR code job ticket scanning and full track and trace is also available, making the print process super easy and reliable with the risk of picking errors massively reduced.

Our consistent XML underpinning and REST API allows for advanced automation and connectivity to Web-to-print / eCommerce platforms and MIS / ERP systems for seamless integration. 


Consistent colour every time, everywhere. Guaranteed.

PrintFactory’s VISU™ Device Link colour engine 3-Step profiling wizard puts professional colour results into the hands of any operator with little intervention – and without the usual costs associated with other solutions.

PrintFactory’s VISU™ advanced colour mapping gets more vibrant colour from your DTG device than other RIPs with much better grey balance White ink can be measured for linearisation and used in all white policies under the colour patches to provide a much more accurate and vibrant output.

Profiles can be re-calibrated back to “golden state” quickly and easily allowing for printers to be matched for increased production printer pooling.

Spot colour matching is made easy with “pick-a-winner” tuning and out of gamut colours can be automatically cleaned for a more pleasing vibrant appearance.

PrintFactory DTG in-built VISU™ Device Link profiling technology solves all these problems.


Unique DTG separation tool

PrintFactory’s design-quality Editor tool lets your team do pre-press corrections to original files in almost any format. Fonts, colour-corrections, layout changes and more, without the cost of expensive third-party design apps – and it can be used remotely from the RIP, even at home with all the tools you need for advanced image/design adjustments.

PrintFactory’s Unique DTG Separation tool is included in Editor and has an advanced t-shirt colour removal/transparency creator and an advanced white under-base and highlight tool with pixel based choke and on-screen preview.

The DTG Separation presets can be saved and applied to RIP queues for automation via drop folders or XML triggering and are automatically backed up to the Cloud – as are other custom resources like profiles and RIP/Printer configurations for immediate disaster recovery.

Editor has a soft proofing workflow to be able to predict colour output on differing fabric colours on a colour correct monitor. 


PrintFactory DTG software. Reduce costs and improves quality, instantly.

PrintFactory DTG gives you a competitive edge. It lets you give customers the firm guarantee you can deliver the photorealistic colour they want, Consistently, with tracking throughout the fulfilment process.

This means better business. And – because PrintFactory DTG uses less ink to deliver better quality colour, which means lower production costs. 

Up to 24 colour channels, and up to 8 colour expanding spot colours.
Print job release is triggered via the PrintFactory generated QR code job ticket scanning
Unique DTG Separation tool
RIP and print 4 files simultaneously to one printer


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INDUSTRIAL provides all the tools for extensive setups with several editors and multiple printers. Total control. Consistent colour, completely scalable workflows. 

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